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Ian Garrard's Biography

Ian Garrard, Manager

Dr Ian Garrard is Manager of the Advanced Bioprocessing Centre at the Institute for Bioengineering, Brunel University, London, UK. With a research team of around 12 people, and projects funded by both the UK Research Councils and the bioseparations industry, the Advanced Bioprocesing Centre specialises in applications of liquid-liquid chromatography and has grown substantially in size and reputation since its official launch in April 2005. Dr Garrard came to the University from a strong industrial background, having worked as a Senior Downstream Processing Chemist for Pfizer Ltd and as a Natural Products Isolation Scientist for the research company Xenova Ltd, gaining experience in all aspects of purification and analysis. He began his academic career when he joined Brunel University in September 2002. With a PhD in the application of industrial biotechnology, Dr Garrard is keen to interface the high quality research at universities with the industrial demand for quick results and simple protocols. Current research interests include the purification of Traditional Chinese Medicines, the separation of proteins and monoclonal antibodies, the use of liquid-liquid systems as a bioreactor/separator, and the rapid scale-up of liquid-liquid chromatography to manufacturing levels.

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