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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics Asia 2022


3D Bioprinting by “Watercolor”

Nelson Khoo, Chief Business Development & Sales Officer, Fluicell AB

Today, iPSC, stem cells, gene editing and bioprinting hold a scientist’s focus to improve research results, use better surrogate models to mimic in situ organs and, improve quality of life for patients. Many of the tools now available have made it possible to create such models, to replicate a tissue surrogate i.e., respiratory epithelium, liver models, pancreatic mini-organoids, etc. Fluicell AB is a 3D bioprinting company that provides the unique capability to deliver solutions and cells into a cell culture with high precision, without having diffusion or requiring a typical bioink. This gives pharma and biotech, as well as innovative research questions in world renown institutes, the opportunity to make and study heterogenic and biological relevant models, spheroids or mini-organoids. Our Biopixlar™ bioprinter is a novel platform that take advantage of a microfluidic based printhead to carefully deliver solutions and cells of interest according to requirements – offering you a “Lab in a Tip.” Representative examples will be shown to illustrate our take on bioprinting.

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