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SELECTBIO Conferences The Space Summit 2019


Biofabrication in Space: New Approaches for Bioprinting Technology

Elena Bulanova, Head, 3D Bioprinting Solutions Russia

Today, there are three main 3D bioprinting technologies: extrusion, inkjet, and laser-based bioprinting. These methods have common limitations such as slow speed and inability of creation 3D constructs with complex geometry. Therefore, new approaches like acoustic or magnetic bioprinting using patterned physical fields for predictable cells spreading will evolve. The main idea of the concept is using microgravity as a co-factor of bioprinting technology. This concept means using scaffold-free, nozzle-free, and label-free (without using magnetic nano particles) approach so called “formative” biofabrication which has the edge over classical bottom-up additive manufacturing. This technology could be commonly used for space radiation studies to provide long-term manned space flights, including the Moon and Mars program. 3D bioprinter «Organ.Aut» has been sent to ISS and successfully bioprinted human cartilage tissue and murine thyroid organ construct.

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