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SELECTBIO Conferences The Space Summit 2019


3D Bioprinting of Vascular Tissue and Organs for Clinical Applications on Earth and for Space Exploration

Paul Gatenholm, Professor/Director of 3D Bioprinting Center, Chalmers University Sweden

3D Bioprinting technology is rapidly developing. The initial challenges of cell survival in 3D Bioprinting process have been addressed and new generations of 3D Bioprinters and bioinks have been developed. Printed living tissues are becoming a standard tool for study of disease, drug screening and testing of cosmetics and chemical products. But no 3D bioprinted tissue has been implanted in human yet. The remaining challenge is to secure vascularization of the tissue. In our laboratory we focus on 3D Bioprinting of autologous adipose tissue which could be performed at the point of care. We have discovered remarkable in situ vascularization of 3D implanted constructs consisted of microfractured adipose and stem cells. Such vascularized tissue constructs can be used for reconstructive soft tissue surgery, wound healing and for delivery of functional cells such as beta cells to restore function of pancreas. This technology can be easy translated to clinic and utilized for Space Exploration.

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