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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry European Summit 2024


Flow Biocatalysis for the Synthesis of Natural Compounds

Martina Letizia Contente, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, University of Milan

Due to healthy life style of modern society, the preference for bio-compounds derived from natural sources is rapidly expanding. On the other hand, according with both European and US regulation (EMA and FDA) processing natural starting material with biocatalytic approaches let the commercialization of the final product as natural too, thus increasing its market value. In this scenario, the combination of biocatalysts, (whole cells and cell-free enzymes) with flow facilities, represents an emerging technology to enhance reaction productivity and sustainability. Through immobilization techniques the biocatalysts can be easily integrated in flow chemistry reactors, while their stability under operational conditions is dramatically improved. Moreover, due to the catalyst recovery and reuse for several reaction cycles cost-effective processes can be developed. Valuable natural molecules such as aroma-compounds, potent antioxidants as well as bioactive molecules have been successfully prepared merging the advantages of flow reactors with the specificity and benign conditions of biocatalysts. This strategy representing an alternative route for natural compound production in addition to plant extraction, and promoting a responsible care of natural resources is extremely attractive for a series  sectors in particular food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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