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SELECTBIO Conferences Flow Chemistry European Summit 2024


Flow Chemistry and Biomass Valorization - An Emerging Green Technology

Christophe Len, Professor, Université de Technologie de Compiègne

The principles of sustainable development, bio-economy and circular economy are gaining ground in the synthesis of industrially important molecules. Furfural, glycerol and derivatives, which serve as central platform molecules, are the subject of various research efforts aimed at optimizing their conversion for the synthesis of valuable compounds. In line with the prevailing push for green chemistry and sustainable development, chemists have recently been at the forefront of innovative catalytic reactions using continuous flow processes combined or not with alternative technologies such as microwave, ultrasound, ball milling…. This progressive shift underscores a commitment to advancing environmentally friendly practices in the field of chemical synthesis. This study presents recent breakthroughs in the continuous production of bio-based chemicals derived from furfural, glycerol and derivatives. These intermediates and target chemicals are synthesized from biomass or carbohydrates using both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts. Various reaction parameters, including temperature, catalyst and feedstock loadings, and solvent types, have been meticulously optimized over time. The design, synthesis, and physicochemical properties of these derivatives are comprehensively elucidated.

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