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SELECTBIO Conferences Organ-on-a-Chip World Congress 2019


Innovative Technique To Reconstruct Thick Tissue with Embedded Microvascular Network on Chip

Thibault Krammer, PhD student, CEA Grenoble

Tissue engineering aims at developing in vitro functional tissues or organs in order to provide test platforms or transplants. However, most tissues are perfused by blood capillaries networks providing nutrients and oxygen to cells. Because of the oxygen diffusion limit inside tissues, cells are at most 200 micrometers away from a capillary. Therefore, difficulties to build a vascularized network perfusing tissues limit the development of thick matured tissues. Microfluidic devices are increasingly used to build vascular systems and control the microenvironment. Techniques to build in vitro 3D microvasculature essentially lies on the patterning of hollow channels covered with endothelial cells or on the self-assembly of endothelial cells into capillaries by applying specific cues. Despite their advantages, some limitations remain and prevent the development of thick vascularized tissues. An innovative technique to develop a microvascular network inside a thick tissue construct will be presented. This device presents three main advantages. First, capillary are grown inside a biocompatible material while supplying the cells embedded in the tissue. Second, different types of cells can be cultured depending on the tissue wanted. Third, the system is versatile, the finale architecture of the tissue can be easily adapted by modifying the microfluidic chip.

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