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SELECTBIO Conferences The Space Summit 2019

Siobhan Malany's Biography

Siobhan Malany, Associate Professor, University of Florida

Dr. Malany joined the faculty at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy after several years in the private sector leading receptor pharmacology drug discovery efforts in San Diego biotech and at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute in Florida. Her research involves leveraging the physiological relevance of patient-specific cells in combination with phenotypic microscopy and chemogenomic approaches to measure changes in drug responses to physical stressors to better predict human drug efficacy for cardiometabolic diseases. In Florida, she became interested in space medicine and is studying the effects of microgravity on human muscle biology using an automated tissue chip system as a microphysiological model of age-related musculoskeletal disease. Dr. Malany started Micro-gRx with seed funding from Space Florida and CASIS and was named one of 2017 Faces of Technology by Florida’s High Tech Corridor and in 2018, her lab-on-a-chip payload launched to the ISS on Cygnus NG-10 vehicle. Shortly thereafter, she received a mayoral proclamation for her achievements in STEM.

Dr. Malany received her Ph.D. in organic chemistry and enzymology at the University of Iowa and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in pharmacology at the University of California, San Diego and at the Max-Planck Institute for Brain research in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Development of a Tissue Chip to Electrically Stimulate Human Muscle Myocytes in Microgravity to Study Muscle Wasting on Earth and in Space

Tuesday, 15 October 2019 at 14:15

Add to Calendar ▼2019-10-15 14:15:002019-10-15 15:15:00Europe/LondonDevelopment of a Tissue Chip to Electrically Stimulate Human Muscle Myocytes in Microgravity to Study Muscle Wasting on Earth and in SpaceThe Space Summit 2019 in Coronado Island, CaliforniaCoronado Island,

The molecular basis of age-related muscle atrophy (Sarcopenia) is largely unknown in part because molecular changes accumulate in skeletal muscle over many years; Currently there are no approved therapeutics for Sarcopenia. We are interested in investigating physiological changes in primary muscle myocytes on the molecular and cellular induced in microgravity that could be exploited for the study of accelerated intrinsic muscle cell dysfunction mimicking age-related muscle weakness. We are planning for a fall 2020 launch to the ISS and are constructing microtissues of cells isolated from young, athletic and old, sedentary adults to be exposed to the environment of microgravity and subjected to an electrical stimulation regime as a more physiologically relevant model of muscle cell function. We plan to compare differential expressed atrogenes, fiber size and contraction rate between the cohorts in microgravity and ground controls. We will discuss development of the tissue chip and lessons learned from our first lab-on-chip experiment sent to the ISS in November 2018.

Add to Calendar ▼2019-10-14 00:00:002019-10-15 00:00:00Europe/LondonThe Space Summit 2019The Space Summit 2019 in Coronado Island, CaliforniaCoronado Island,