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SELECTBIO Conferences Formulation and Solubility

Paolo Avalle's Biography

Paolo Avalle, Senior Research Chemist, Merck

After a PhD in SSNMR at the University of Durham, followed by a post –doctoral research project, Paolo Avalle joined Merck Sharp & Dohme UK.

As preformulation analyst he gained significant experience in API stability, phase selection and polymorphism but also on API-excipient compatibility and drug product stability. By using and developing novel analytical approached based on NIR, Raman and MRI imaging, Paolo supported the formulation development process of controlled release formulations, bridging traditional dissolution experiment with a more in depth mechanistic understanding of the drug release phenomena.

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Application of Imaging Techniques to Oral Dosage Forms. Examples of in-situ Imaging

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 at 15:45

Add to Calendar ▼2012-03-14 15:45:002012-03-14 16:45:00Europe/LondonApplication of Imaging Techniques to Oral Dosage Forms. Examples of in-situ

Modern formulation efforts not only are devoted to improve the solubility of the drugs with effective formulation strategies but also to tune the drug release profile to meet the desired pharmacokinetic criteria. This talk will be based on the characterization of drug-polymers system either as a way to improve solubility but also to change the mechanism of drug release. The focus will be on imaging characterization techniques.

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