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SELECTBIO Conferences Innovations in Microfluidics 2023

Innovations in Microfluidics 2023

Date: Thursday, 4 May 2023 - Friday, 5 May 2023
Location: Seattle

Conference Chair

Albert Folch

Albert Folch
Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington

Keynote Speakers

Matthias von Herrath

Matthias von Herrath
Vice President and Senior Medical Officer, Novo Nordisk, Professor, La Jolla Institute

Shuichi Takayama

Shuichi Takayama
Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar, and Price Gilbert, Jr. Chair in Regenerative Engineering and Medicine, Georgia Institute of Technology & Emory University School of Medicine

Dino Di Carlo

Dino Di Carlo
Armond and Elena Hairapetian Chair in Engineering and Medicine, Professor and Vice Chair of Bioengineering, University of California-Los Angeles

Gregory Nordin

Gregory Nordin
Professor, Brigham Young University

H Tom Soh

H Tom Soh
Professor, Stanford University

Katherine Elvira

Katherine Elvira
Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair, Michael Smith Health Research BC Scholar, University of Victoria

Lydia Sohn

Lydia Sohn
Almy C. Maynard and Agnes Offield Maynard Chair in Mechanical Engineering, University of California-Berkeley

Rong Fan

Rong Fan
Harold Hodgkinson Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Yale University

Steve Soper

Steve Soper
Foundation Distinguished Professor, Director, Center of BioModular Multi-scale System for Precision Medicine, The University of Kansas, Adjunct Professor, Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology

Daniel Chiu

Daniel Chiu
A. Bruce Montgomery Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington

Nancy Allbritton

Nancy Allbritton
Frank and Julie Jungers Dean of the College of Engineering and Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington in Seattle

Noah Malmstadt

Noah Malmstadt
Professor, Mork Family Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, University of Southern California


Welcome to the SelectBIO Innovations in Microfluidics 2023 Conference being held May 4-5, 2023 in Seattle.

This conference is part of a 2-track event with the companion track being co-located and being held concurrently, entitled Innovations in Flow Cytometry 2023.

The goal of this 2-track event is to highlight the innovations in these fields and bring forth elements of convergence of these fields in terms technology development and application areas.

Main Topic Areas Covered:
  • 3D-Printing in Microfluidics
  • 3D-Tissues and the Impact of Microfluidics
  • Additionally Other Areas of Innovation in Microfluidics will be Addressed
Presentations at this event from academic key opinion leaders, industry leaders as well as the tools and technology developers who are driving innovation in these fields.

There is a co-located exhibition where companies will showcase their product and service offerings and the goal of this event is to promote scientific exchange and networking.

The conference is held in downtown Seattle in close proximity to the various academic institutions, clinical research centers and companies.

Call for Posters

You can also present your research on a poster while attending the meeting. Submit an abstract for consideration now!

Poster Submission Deadline: 14 April 2023

Agenda Topics

  • 3D-Printed Microfluidics Devics: Features and Applications
  • 3D-Printing of Microfluidics: Technologies, Methodologies and Tools
  • 3D-Printing, Biofabrication and Bioprinting using Microfluidics
  • Building 3D-Structures On-Board Microfluidics Devices: Technologies and Application Areas
    • BioEngineering Approaches for Building Microphysiological Systems/Organs-on-a-Chip
    • Microphysiological Systems (MPS)
  • Materials for 3D-Printing of Microfluidics Devices
  • Rapid Prototyping in Microfluidics
  • Tissue-on-a-Chip Applications for Drug Discovery and Toxicity Screening

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Jeff Fan, Exhibition Manager

Confirmed Speakers to date

Stephanie Brunelle, Senior Product Manager, Flow Cytometry, Luminex Corp.
Preksha Gupta, Senior Scientist, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms
Richard James, Principal Investigator and Associate Professor, Seattle Children’s Research Institute and University of Washington
Vaidotas Kiseliovas, Director of R&D, Atrandi Biosciences
Cory Lambertson, GM of America, ASIGA
Andres Martinez, Professor, California Polytechnic State University
Ayokunle Olanrewaju, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington
Amir Tahmasebipour, Senior Microfluidics Scientist, Mekonos Inc.
Shuichi Takayama, Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar, and Price Gilbert, Jr. Chair in Regenerative Engineering and Medicine, Georgia Institute of Technology & Emory University School of Medicine
Ashleigh Theberge, Associate Professor, University of Washington
Mingming Wu, Professor, Biological and Environmental Engineering Department, Cornell University

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