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SELECTBIO Conferences BioEngineering 2017: BioMEMS, 3D-BioPrinting & Synthetic Biology

BioEngineering 2017: BioMEMS, 3D-BioPrinting & Synthetic Biology


Select Biosciences, Inc. BioEngineering 2017 Conference brings together the following topics:
  • BioMEMS Development
  • Microfluidics-based Devices in Various Application Areas
  • 3D-Bioprinting Technologies
  • Tissue Engineering Applications
  • Synthetic Biology
Researchers from academia and industry present the latest advances and approaches in these converging fields in the development of bio-structures and applications.

The latest approaches in 3D-bioprinting are presented with emphasis on applications in the tissue engineering space.

Finally, we present microfluidics technologies for the development of BioMEMS and the associated ecosystem of tools and applications.

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